Christmas by Heart

How to Memorize the Christmas Stories from Matthew and Luke

Table of Contents

Christmas by Heart includes the Basic Books by Heartâ„¢ lessons on how to memorize the Bible. These lessons are specially adapted for these particular Christmas stories from Matthew and Luke.

Here is the complete Table of Contents for Christmas by Heart:

Keeping the Seasons of Christmas

  • Rituals Make It Real
  • A Daily Christmas Verse
  • The Perfect "Advent Sacrifice"
    • You're Ready to Make the Effort
    • Built-in Daily Time With Christ
  • An Exhortation to Party
  • A Habit Worth Savoring
  • How This Book Will Help You Learn the Christmas Stories

The Stories of the Birth of Jesus

  • Luke 2 (first half)
    • Jesus Is Born In Bethlehem
    • Angels and Shepherds
  • Matthew 2
    • Wise Men Come From the East
    • Herod Attacks

Books by Heart: Christmas

Speaking Out the Verses

  • Speak Out
  • Loudly
  • Slowly
  • Rhythm
    • Oral Culture
    • Free the "Verses" Back Into a "Poem"
    • Back and Forth Rhythms
    • Speak With Rhythm
    • You May Find Better Rhythms
    • Skip the Verse Numbers and Headings
  • Expression (These Words Are Alive)
    • Ditch the "Reverential Monotone"
    • Let the Words Live
  • Now Speak Your Verse

Your Memorizing Plan

  • A Daily Verse
  • Why Only One Verse a Day?
  • Why You Can Memorize
  • Your Daily Routine
  • Stories, Not Memory Tricks

Take the Verses In

  • See the Words
    • "Photographing" Each Verse
    • Perfection Is Easier Than "Almost"
    • You Remember That You Forget
    • The Context of the Story
  • Hear the Words
  • Feel the Rhythms
  • Feel the Shapes of the Words in Your Tongue and Mouth
  • Renew Your Verses


  • Move Through the Words into Thoughts
    • Scenes and Sensations
    • Places
    • Feelings
    • Memories
    • Meaning
  • Imagining Is a New Skill
  • Imagining Is Connecting
  • Imagining Brings Delight
    • "Unpacking" the Cookie

Your New Daily Routine

  • Spaced Repetition and "Smart" Intervals
  • A Simpler Method: Repeat Every Day
  • Say Recent Verses More Often If Needed
    • Strengthening Uncertain Verses
  • Your Daily Verse Routine
  • Crafting Your Routine
    • Finding Time to Recite
    • Bedtime Stories
    • Making a Habit
    • Hook to Your Existing Habits
    • A Simple Daily Routine
    • Get Someone to Pester You
    • Track Your Progress Like Seinfeld
  • Daily Recitation Times + Chart = Habit

Bible Stories

  • Gospels as Stories
  • Remembering Stories

Reciting in Different Ways

Renewing Is Its Own Reward

  • Baking Cookies vs. Riding a Bike
  • You're Already Thinking
  • Don't Waste Time "Memorizing"
  • Renewing Is Its Own Reward
  • Don't Watch the Clock
  • Rushing Wastes Time
  • Renew, Don't Review

A Beautiful, Old, Oral Translation

  • Why Use an Old Translation?
  • Freedom
  • Oral Rhythms
    • The Opening "And"
    • Repetition
  • What About Accuracy?
  • Arcane Language
  • Could You Memorize a Modern Translation?
  • Enjoy the DRC

Move With the Rhythms

The Palaces of Memory

What About Mnemonics?

  • Memory Swans and Palaces
  • Why Mnemonics Do(n't) Work
    • The Wrong Way to Memorize the Bible
    • Mnemonic Mistakes
  • You Remember What You Think About
    • Revenge of the Prompts
  • The Right Way (If Any) To Use a Memory Palace
  • Are Mnemonics Really That Bad?

You've Learned How to Learn Verses!

  • Missed Days and "Deadlines"
  • Enjoy

Keeping What You've Learned

  • First, Keep Repeating
  • Then, Recite The Stories Once a Month
  • Ready for More?
    • Learn the Stories of the Passion and Resurrection!
  • Use This Book Next Advent
  • Celebrate What You've Learned
  • Keep in Touch

Other Stories of the Childhood of Christ

  • Split Luke 1 Into Halves
  • Where's the Genealogy?
  • Luke 1
    • Luke Greets Theophilus
    • Gabriel Comes to Zachary
    • Gabriel Comes to Mary
    • Mary Visits Elizabeth
    • John Is Born
  • Matthew 1
    • Angel Appears to Joseph
  • Luke 2 (second half)
    • Jesus Is Taken to the Temple
    • Jesus Is Found in the Temple
  • Let Me Know

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